Here is how Mary Ann's Spices and Teas began

Mary Ann started by selling Spices and teas at expositions such as fairs and home shows. Here is how she got into business.

She had always been an outstanding cook and while Bill, her husband, was in the Air Force they lived for a time in Europe.  There she was introduced to French Cooking which increased her interest in good spices.  Today Bill is Mary Ann's helper in her business.

Like many cooks she shopped for spices selecting bottles on the grocery shelf, paying according to the amount of each product in the bottle.  Not satisfied with many of the spices and teas found in America she began a quest to find the importers of the very best of spices and teas from all over the world.

After his military stint Bill worked in marketing products.  He gained experience of marketing at State Fairs, Home Shows and other expositions. Mary Ann saw this as an excellent way to share her new found spices and teas to the public.

It occurred to Mary Ann that selling bottles of spices was not the best way.  The bottles add to the cost of spices so she said, "why not reduce the price of the product by eliminating the bottle."  Heat sealed, food grade plastic bags were the answer.  Then she had another idea.  With those costly bottles out of the way, the heat sealed plastic bags could vary in size, the amount of the product in the bag could change according to the cost of the product.  Mary Ann decided to sell a basic one price package.

For many years Mary Ann attended exhibits coast to coast. The idea of offering quality items at a fair price while choosing and paying for them with a one price.caught on.   Attendees at these shows were impressed by the selection and value. It proved so popular that Mary Ann continued this practice when she opened a retail store.

The price stays the same for all the packages, only the weight of the product inside changes. This way you know you always get a fair deal for a very high quality product.

Over the years purchasing products on the internet grew and Mary Ann's marketing plan included this logical step.  Stll, Mary Ann makes sure you get only the best from her when you shop on-line, both in products and service. She personally selects each product, tests it in her own kitchen and then stands behind everything you buy:You must be satisfied or your money back, no questions asked!


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