MARKET SPICE flavored tea

Has a red-hot cinnamon taste. Perfect for a tea latte
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$3 regular package contains 1.0 ounce (19 teaspoons)

$7 package contains 3.0 ounces (3 times the regular package)

$12 package contains 6.0 ounces (6 times the regular package)

Sri Lanka Orange Pekoe grade tea, fruit peels, cinnamon, vaious flavorings and triacetin (to give the tea a we look).  This tea originates in the Nuwara Eliya and Dimbula district of Sri Lanka.  One-hundred percent natural flavoring oils ensure no chemical aftertaste.  Medium bodied flavory cup with pronounced "cinnamon hot" charcter.

Use one teaspoon of loose tea per cup brewed.



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