EARL GREY, decaffeinated loose leaf tea

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A fine black tea flavored with oil of Bergamot which adds an aromatic citrus-y, fruity taste. It was a gift to Earl Grey, the Prime Minister to China in 1830. 

A cup of tea contains about half the caffeine as a cup of coffee. However, tea can be decaffeinated.  Ethyl acetate is the most common method of decaffeination. Ethyl acetate is a by-product of natural fruit acid, is not carcinogenic, and removes 98% of the caffeine from the tea.

Use 1 teaspoon of this loose tea per cup.

Tea is grown on estates that range in size from a quarter acre farmed by a single family to giant plantations with hundreds of acres. The bushes are kept pruned to a height of 3 feet for easy harvesting of leaves and each acre typically has three to five thousand tea bushes. A tea plant may remain productive for over a century. Only about half the leaves produced during the life of the bush are actually picked and processed for market.

The crop taken from the tea bushes consists of young leaf shoots and the unopened leaf bud. These are rich in caffeine and the organic compounds that are responsible for the smell and taste of the tea. Picking, which is really plucking and is often called that, is either "fine" or "course". Two leaves and a leaf bud is fine plucking, three or more leaves and a leaf bud is considered course plucking. High quality teas are always harvested with fine plucking. Unlike many crops, tea is plucked or harvested at least three times a year and sometimes dozens.  Fresh green leaves are spread on racks to dry out and then rolled, crushed, and broken to release the leaves juices, which then oxidize or ferment and turn the leaves brown. The leaves are then dried by hot air to arrest further oxidation. Black tea produces a reddish-brown beverage with the full, rich flavor we are familiar with.


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