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The finest whole peppercorns available. Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold are the highest grade of black peppercorns available. These peppercorns are selected from only the plumpest berries—those that produce a rich and complex pepper flavor.  Use these in your table grinder and you won't settle for any other black peppercorn.

$3 package contains 0.9 ounce (8 teaspoons)

Tellicherry, is a city on the Malabar Coast of Kerala, India. Malabar peppercorns are of prime quality and Tellicherry denotes the largest and plumpest of these.

There are different varieties of black pepper available in the world.  Differences between peppers can be determined by a very simple method. Put the berries in the water and see how many barriers float to the surface. A count of floating berries will give the estimate of light berries. Quality and price of the black pepper can be determined by percentage count of light berries and berry size. Berries grown in Tellicherry region have the lowest number (percentage) of light berrys floating and these berries have a unique taste. Tellicherry peppers are the large ripe berries that have been left on the vine for longer period of time. These large berries have less heat than unripe small berries. Large ripe, jumbo berries have a very unique taste due to a fruity nature. Tellicherry black peppers are the best of the best available.



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