How to use this site

1.  Select a category of products listed under the Products   bar

2.  Products are listed alphabetically in each category. The weight (size) of each "regular" ($3) package is shown. Scroll through the products one-by-one, or click on "next" for the next page or "end" for the last page in the category.

3. Click on the name of a product or on "product details"  and you see a page with information about that product including the weight (size) of the 3 packages available and the number of teaspoons of the product in each.

4. On the right you will see the words Package size and below a window that says (click here) Regular no additional charge. If at that point you click on add to cart  the shopping cart contains a regular $3 package.

5.  However, if you (Click here) on " the regular package" a drop-down shows larger amounts available at a savings.  the second line in the drop-down says that by adding $4 to the regular price ($3 plus $4 = $7) you get 3 times the amount contained in the regular ($3 package), a savings of 22%.  The third line of the drop-down says by adding $9 to the price of the regular package you get 6 times the amount for $12, a 33% savings.

6.  Note that above the add to cart   bar there is a (+) and (- ) button.  These are for changing the number of the packages ordered.

7  To purchase any product indicate the size and number of the packages you want and adding them to the shopping cart.  A running total is shown.

Search for a Product

At the top right side of the site is the search box.  Enter a spice or tea name and merely press your enter key.  If the product is in our inventory you will have selections.  If it is not in our inventory the response will be "not found".


After you have made all choices and added them to yur shopping cart you will see a page that tells you product(s) successfully added.

At the end of the list the total price of your purchase is shown. below that and above the Mary Ann's Spices logo you see the word SAVE.  Immediately to the left you may enter any coupon code you may be using.  If you do not have a coupon code ignore that box and note that you are receiving free shipping.

We use PayPal as our payment method.  If you have a PayPal account use that.  If you want to become a PayPal member you will be given that opportunity.  If you want to pay by credit card you do not have to be a PayPal member or become one.

Note that there is a space to send us any comment or note.

Also we ask you to check the box to accept our terms of service.

Finally, click on the green bar  check out now

Next Your account details, you may Add/Edit billing address information, and after you fill in the information click on the save box.

After that you will see Checkout done, please confirm the order.  This is where you add shipping address IF IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE BILLING.

Confirm the order by clicking on the greem bar at the bottom of the page   Confirm Purchase

Thank you for your order.

At the final page you may use yur PayPal account or pay by credit card etc.




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